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Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Telephone 0844 850 0142

The Crown Prosecution Service is the senior most prosecution body in the United Kingdom. The body plays a major role of ensuring criminal cases investigated by the police and other investigative bodies are prosecuted. It is not a ministerial body but a government body. It provides legal advice to the police and other investigative bodies on whether the suspect should be arraigned in court after the investigations are completed. It also conducts prosecution in magistrate’s courts and crown courts. The Crown Prosecution Service is headed by the Director of Public Prosecution, and has offices all over UK.

CPS Humberside Tel 0844 850 0165

Yorkshire and Humberside residents are served by the CPS Humberside office, which are in Earle House, Colonial Street. The office is responsible for criminal prosecutions. CPS Humberside works closely with the Probation Office, the Police, Prisons and other Youth Offending Teams and the Courts to make sure that justice is delivered.

CPS Cardiff Tel: 0844 850 0164

The Cardiff CPS office, just like all other stations, determines the viability of a case when the facts are presented by the police forces. Located on the 20th Floor of the Capital Tower on Greyfriars Road, the CPS Cardiff office offers prosecution support services to Cardiff residents. 

CPS Swansea Tel: 0844 850 0163

CPS Swansea in Wales works independent from although closely with the four Welsh police forces. CPS Lawyers simply review the evidence the police gathers and advice on the case’s viability. The lawyers also help prepare the cases and ensure that they are fair, firm and effectively prosecuted. They also help all the victims and witnesses throughout the case process.

CPS London Tel: 0844 850 0142

The CPS London office prosecutes criminal cases that are investigated in the Greater London area. This is the largest office, serving more than 13 areas. It handles 20% of all prosecutions handles by CPS. The office also ensures that the witnesses and victims are protected throughout the court process and handles the prosecutions fairly.

CPS Media Tel: 0844 850 0166

The CPS media department ensures that information on the media protocol agreed to by the journalists, CPS, and the police is available to the public. The department also avails contact details for local and national media as well as answer queries placed to the Press Office by residents.

CPS Services to the Public

The body has the values of independence and fairness, transparency and openness, respect to the public, acting professionally, working hard and excellence. The work of the body is overseen by the attorney general who represents it in the parliament. Its work is inspected by the Crown Prosecution Service inspectorate. The following are the roles of CPS. 

It Conducts Prosecutions 

The agency conducts cases in courts. It prepares the case for hearing and presents the case in the court for hearing. It must be represented in the court from the first hearing to the sentencing and even to the appeal if possible. It keeps all prosecution under continuous review and stops the prosecution if the decision to charge was wrong

The Crown Prosecution Service Approves Appeals

If the suspect applies for appeal, it is the role of this body to decide whether or not to support the appeal after considering the reasons for applying for the appeal. If it opposes the appeal, it presents legal material and evidence to the appellate court so as to help the court. 

Gives Legal Advice

The Crown Prosecution Service gives legal advice to the police on the viability of the case in complex cases. It achieves this by investigating the real reason why the offender committed the crime. It also identifies the weaknesses of the available evidence. 

For prosecution to continue, the prosecutor should provide sufficient evidence. If the evidence is not sufficient, then the suspect will not have any case to answer or the prosecutor can order the police to gather more evidence. 

If there is enough interest but prosecution is not required, then the suspect is usually cautioned. A decision can also be made without sufficient evidence for realistic prospect of conviction. This happens when additional evidence is to be made available soon. In this circumstance, the suspect is believed to have committed a serious offence and cannot be given a bail. If the awaited evidence is not sufficient, then the prosecution is stopped. 

The Crown Prosecution service also ensures victims and prosecution witness get justice. They provide relevant information, support and materials to prosecution victims and support. They also justice is done to the victims and witnesses by presenting the case to the court, preparing the case for hearing, propelling prosecution process and giving the correct verdict. 

Because the Crown Prosecution service was mainly formed with aims of ensuring prosecution of reported and investigated cases and ensures the right prosecution procedures, it is under obligation to ensure justice is available to everyone. To effectively achieve this, the body is guided by set of rules that are written in a document called the Crown prosecution Service code. This document gives guidelines on the procedures to be followed when conducting prosecution and the general requirements to be met by the members of the body. 

The Crown Prosecution Service has made a very big step in upgrading the judiciary system of the England but still it has some weak points which have to be improved.


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